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Safety First Folks!

This seems to be a really good time to throw out a reminder to everyone that while you are here to enjoy the Rally, please keep your own safety first and foremost while you are on your ride.  Over this past weekend, Panama City Beach has seen 3 motorcycle accidents that included serious injuries and the loss of one life.  All involved collisions with vehicles, two involved vehicles pulling out in front of the motorcycles, one seems to be rider inattention and hitting the back of a truck stopped to make a turn.

We want everyone to enjoy their time here riding in our community but we also want you to return home in one piece as well as come back to see us again!  The only way to increase your odds of that happening is to pay attention and be aware of what’s going on around you at all times.  This not only means ahead of you, but also what’s happening to the right or left, and behind you.

There will be plenty of other bikes on the road to keep an eye on as well as the others (Cars & trucks).  Bear in mind that those in cars are certainly NOT looking out for you or see you.  Don’t take it for granted (ever) that anyone sees you or even if they do that they will respect your right to be on the road and yield the right of way to you when they legally should.  Too often it’s one of those two things that can ruin your day or worse.  It is also easy to get distracted while riding here, the scenery, activities, etc. so again, pay attention, be constantly aware of what’s going on around you and what others are doing.

Here is a link to some riding safety tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation that should be well worth a quick review.
If you Ride a Motorcycle

Ride safe and have a great Rally!