For the upcoming rally this is our annual head’s up on where you might get delayed and will want to use extra caution while riding through these construction zones.  Pictured in this article is Front Beach Road near Laketown Wharf and Shores of Panama.

Front Beach Road – From R. Jackson Blvd (Shoppes at Edgewater) to the intersection at Front Beach and S. Thomas Dr.
This area is undergoing a major renovation to widen and improve the look, in short it’s a mess.  Here you can expect some delays, lane redirection, and limited business access.  Since you are on two wheels use plenty of extra caution in this area, the temporary roadway is not the best and is fairly narrow, access to the hotels and businesses are limited and are gravel.  If you want to get around this be sure to have one of our Rally Maps handy to refer to. If you are on Front Beach Rd. turn at R. Jackson Blvd (N) to Hutchison Blvd (aka Middle Beach Rd.), this will take you around the construction and reconnects to Front Beach / Thomas Dr.  This project will probably affect you most as it does limit easily getting from the western side of the beach to the activities along Thomas Dr. on the eastern side.

Hwy 98 – East end of the Beach – Panama City
Just before crossing the bridge to Panama City, there is some construction in that area which looks like addition of new turn lanes.  Also just on the Panama City side there is the ongoing construction work related to redesign of the 23rd St. intersection with a new flyover and traffic flow.  Expect delays here due to traffic volume and other construction related delays.  This one has has another year or so to go before it’s near completion.

As we get any new updates and other projects which might affect your trip we will add them here before the next rally.