Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort | Tiki Bar

Sandpiper Tiki Bar

This is Where it all Began.
The Sandpiper Beacon’s Tiki Bar is where the Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally first started out.
The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort and the Sandpiper Tiki Bar have literally been doing this SINCE. DAY. ONE. Back when the idea of an annual bike rally was first conceived with Garry Hundley, and a group of bikers from Macon, GA

17403 Front Beach Rd.    (850) 234-2154

Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally | Sandpiper Tiki Bar

Legendary Reputation.

The World Famous, legendary Tiki Bar has enjoyed a long-standing reputation as being a must-visit place during both the Spring and Fall Bike Rallies.
That reputation was earned, not given, through year after year of serving up incredible drink specials day and night, and offering up some of the best live bands on the beach. The Sandpiper Tiki Bar always draws a lively crowd or people there for a good time, and that’s what the Bike Rally is all about.
Throw in free cover (always), and a hand-picked selection of exclusive vendors in the parking lot across the street, and you’ve got a recipe for a great time.

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort & Tiki Bar

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort  17403 Front Beach Rd PCB, FL 32413

Wednesday May 1st

7-10pm Big Engine

Thursday May 2nd
2-5pm Gary Van Brocklin
5 - 8pm Big Engine
8 - 11pm Tobi Lee & Mustang Sally 
Friday May 3rd
2-5pm Gary Van Brocklin
5 - 8pm Big Engine
8 - 11pm Tobi Lee & Mustang Sally 
Saturday May 4th
2-5pm Gary Van Brocklin
5 - 8pm Big Engine
8 - 11pm Tobi Lee & Mustang Sally 


Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally | Sandpiper Tiki Bar Bands

The Perfect Venue for the Best Bands on the Beach.

The intelligent location of the Tiki Bar’s main stage makes sure everybody has a good seat. It’s a well designed environment centered around live performances. While some bands travel with their own sound crew, the Tiki Bar always has a concert-ready sound system in place to make sure your night rocks!
This is the place to catch the hottest bands that play in Panama City Beach first. They set the trends that the other bars follow during the next rally. Each year, all eyes are on the Tiki Bar, setting the standard in entertainment.

A Beach Bar Like no Other.
Sat DIRECTLY on the famous sugar-white sands of Panama City Beach. Hammocks and palm trees surround the impressive main stage, with plenty of landscaped seating areas with fire pits for you to relax and unwind around.
While other bars may try to imitate the Tiki Bar, this is the real deal, and when you experience it for yourself, you’ll see why.
Everybody is welcome in the Tiki Bar. While guests of the Sandpiper Beacon do enjoy extra perks and discounts, everybody is welcome. No matter where you’re staying, you will never pay a cover, and you’ll always have a good time in the Tiki Bar!
There’s much more to the place than live bands and drink specials.

On-Site Restaurants & Amenities.
On-site you’ll also find the beachside deli serving up freshly made burgers and light snacks to order. Pull up a chair along the back deck, enjoy stunning views of the beach, and still hear the bands playing in the bar.
Or, if you’re stomach is rumbling a little more, try out Coconuts Restaurant located just across the street. Serving the best breakfast on the beach (to soak up the night before), legendary nachos, thick hand-cut steaks, incredible home-made pizzas, fully-loaded burgers, fresh Appalachian oysters, and lots more.

Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally | Sandpiper Tiki Bar Entertainment

Excellent Location

Located on the preferred west-end of Panama City Beach, a cruise to the Tiki Bar is the perfect opportunity to ride along the length of Front Beach Road, with the Gulf to your side, and the wind in your face.
The Tiki Bar is also a short ride to Frank Brown Park where there are dozens of other vendors set up, as well as the Pier Park shopping complex, filled with restaurants, shops, and plenty of bikes to admire.

RESERVE TODAY 1-800-488-8828 Go to the Sandpiper’s Hotel page for more about the property.