Whiskey’s Saloon Benefit

 Will Thompson will be live with special guest Southern Sunday and more for a night of music under the stars outback at Whiskey’s Saloon.  Proceeds will benefit Bay Youth Music Association (BYMA). If you have any musical instruments that you are not using and would like to donate bring it out and we will take them at the door.  Donations to support the Charity are also welcome!



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About Bay Youth Music Association

Our local schools often lack the resources necessary to address the need for availability of music arts to the young people of our community. This applies especially to those children and youth identified as severely economically deprived, and therefore unable to fund music exploration through avenues of private musical training and/or education.

At Bay Youth Music Association (BYMA), we recognize the significance of this opportunity to step forward, fill this gap, and meet the need for the young people of our community.

We believe that we have the chance to reach youth through their own innate passion for music by funding and/or facilitating a safe place for their creativity, providing them with a positive, creative environment complete with all the tools needed to fuel their success. These tools include musical instruments, musical instruction, mentoring, encouragement, and opportunity to publicity share and fine-tune their gifts.

We know that when a young person masters music, it brings a unique sense of pride, accomplishment, and confidence that overflows into all areas of their lives. These feelings in turn serve to lift them up, outside the boundary of their economic deficiency, allowing them to reach for and attain even higher goals throughout their lives.

At BYMA, we believe that music can be the key that unlocks to door of lifelong success for youth and children in our community. Will you join us on our mission to impact Bay County’s young people?

Will Thompson

About Will Thompson

Will Thompson is a singer/songwriter/musician/producer living in Panama City, Fl. As a fifth generation musician, Will has been surrounded by music his entire life. Learning to play numerous instruments and exploring many different musical styles, has enabled him to be a very versatile artist. Will produced his first country album with Firstnote Entertainment entitled “Turn It Up”. This album showcases his unique voice as well as a soulful country sound.